Healthy Snacks For Kids: Winning Ways To Keep Your Babies Healthy

Children develop a preference naturally for what they eat most often and enjoy. However, the challenge is to make healthy choices appealing. Healthy eating habits are vital during the kids’and growth and development of kids, and balanced nutrition can make children bright, enhance their energy levels and help them maintain a normal weight.

Kids love to eat junk food. You can’t stop your babies eating chips at their friend’s house, but you are in charge of foods that enter your home. Healthy snacks for kids should comprise of whole wheat products, healthy fats, and proteins. Fill your kitchen cupboards with healthier options, like fruits, sweetened yogurt, whole grain options and peanuts.

Healthy snacks for kids

Crispy nut bars

Simply combine your favorite crispy nuts with crispy seeds. Grind them coarsely in a blender. Add some melted butter and honey and mix it well. Spread it on a thin plate and let it cool for some time. Now, cut them in the form thin bars. This is one delicious, healthy snack that your kid cannot resist.

Fruit and raw cheese kebabs

we8wfyehfh378945Take two to three varieties of fruits like kiwi, papaya, grapes and strawberries. Arrange them on skewers. Put cubes of raw cheese in between fruits. You can use yogurt for dipping.

Savory roll-ups

Switch the regular sandwiches with these delicious roll-ups. Mix roasted veggies and mayo in a bowl. Spread it on a tortilla and you are ready to go.

Crackers with dips and spreads

No snack list would be complete without the healthy crackers. You can make your own nutritious crackers using whole grain ingredients. Your kids will enjoy them with different varieties of toppings, spreads or dips.

Chocolate treat

Your kid will not be able to resist this delicious treat. You can make healthy chocolate pudding by adding pecans, crackers and mini marshmallows to it.


eoifiueo89egver4g4rg4Smoothies made from fresh veggies or fruits offer an easy and nutritious way to satisfy the evening hunger in your kid. Smoothies consist of vital minerals, polyphenols, anti-oxidants, and vitamins. The best part is your kid gets a continuous steady stream of energy, and there is no crashing or glucose drop in between meals.You just need to have plenty of fresh vegetables or fruits and a blender. Mix them with yogurt and there you go.

When a snack attack strikes, refuel with the above mentioned nutrition-packed healthy snacks for kids. Make sure you do not give these snacks just before lunch or dinner. This will spoil their hunger.